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OXAM Group is a global engineering with a strong commitment to enhance itís customers profitability and productivity in the most sustainable manner. The core values that undermine the conduct of business of the group are integrity, excellence and responsibility.

OXAM Group works to grow by introducing and marketing unrivalled products and services for its clients in Russia, CIS and Indian sub continent. The group provides breakthrough solutions because of its experienced and rich manpower base in all itís three divisions: Electronic, Mechanic, Electrical, Engineering, Language, Consultancy, Business Development, Mining, Metallurgy, EPC, IT Division, Energy & Power, Oil & Gas and Construction and Agri machineries.

The operations of the company are based on the unique amalgamation of itís principal companies references and experiences and OXAMís knowledgeable employees. The companyís operations are based on expertise in material and product technology, extensive know how about industrial processes coupled with customer co operation.

OXAM has itself evolved as an engineering & technology solution provider for various organizations in mining, metallurgy, oil & gas sector. OXAM has developed an understanding for clientís requirement to the core & provides solutions on economic & affordable grounds. OXAM has developed expertise in a wide range of disciplines and decades of experience as a technical partner to both equipments manufacturers and end users in every major industry.

Our Services

OXAM owes its outstanding performance to its team of engineers and executives with profound techno Ė commercial expertise. The team consists of product specialist for Key Principals, Account Managers for key Customers and Industry wise Experts for focused approach. The Company instills a deep sense of responsibility in each of the members of its team who works with great freedom for self motivated operation.

OXAM strives to provide broader solution & serve other Engineering sectors that stretch beyond General Engineering & Mineral Technology by way of value additions, effective & meaningful collaborations, technology transfer, product development etc. The company through its years of field experience developed marketing network, impenetrable to any competition.

OXAMís commitment to efficient service in an organized manner is endorsed by an illustrious list of quality conscious clients both in the government and private sectors.

Col mining

Mining Division

Coal mining has had many developments over the recent years, from the early days of men tunneling, digging and manually extracting the coal on carts, to large open cut and long wall mines.


EPC Division

EPC solutions across multiple business sectors like Airports, Energy, Highways, Railways and Urban Infrastructure.

Medical tourism

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is the travel of people to a place other than where they normally reside for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment in that country.
we are also connected with Appolo, Spine Injury Center


Business Development

In the limited scholarly work available on the subject, business development is conceptualized as or related to discrete projects, specific modes of growth, and organizational units, activities, and practices.

Language Consultancy

Language Consultancy

We provide result oriented and dedicated language solutions company providing translation, interpretation, transcription, voice over, editing, proof reading, validation, and multilingual publishing (DTP) in most of international language.

Language Consultancy



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